The Flex Monitoring Team completes projects each year in a variety of topic areas such as CAH financial and operational improvement, patient safety, quality of care, Emergency Medical Services, and social determinants of health. These publications aim to evaluate the Flex Program and disseminate information to State Flex Programs, CAHs, and the general public. Our publications offer a wide range of information about Flex Program activities, best practices in CAHs, financial, quality, and community measures, and hospital services. Below is a list of publications from the Flex Monitoring Team. Publications are listed chronologically, in descending order. You can search by title and filter by topics and state. For data reports and publications relevant to specific states, please visit our State Profiles.

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Michelle Casey, Ira Moscovice
The purpose of this study is to describe the continuing evolution and maturation of CAH QI activities, and to document the best practices of two CAHs…
John Gale
Regulations governing the Flex Program establish conditions of participation under which rural hospitals are certified as Critical Access Hospitals (…