An Inventory of State Flex Program Population Health Initiatives for Fiscal Years 2019-2023


This brief responds to interest from State Flex Programs (SFPs) and other Critical Access Hospital (CAH) stakeholders about the range of population health initiatives proposed and implemented across the Flex Program by summarizing the population health initiatives proposed by each of the 45 SFPs. We also identify the output/process and outcome measures described by the SFPs in their applications and program materials, as well as the organizations serving as their partners in this work. This brief serves as a companion to our initial brief, Evaluating State Flex Program Population Health Activities, which provides a high-level overview of SFP population health activity, highlights promising population health strategies, reviews issues related to monitoring the outcome of SFP population health activities, and explores opportunities to align SFP population health activities with the Health Resources and Services Administration’s Healthy Rural Hometown Initiative.


Community Engagement Community Health Needs Assessments (CHNA) Community Impact Population Health State Flex Programs