FMT Innovative Projects - Telehealth (Archived Webinar)

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<p>This is a recording of a webinar which took place on November 5, 2017. It was produced by FMT research staff at the University of Southern Maine as part of their <a href="… to evaluate the Flex Program's Area Five, Integration of innovative Health Care Models</a>, which focuses on rural health system innovations to address needs not covered by the other core areas of the grant program.</p>
<p>This webinar focuses on telehealth. Speakers include R. Scott Daniels (Hawaii); Meredith Guardino &amp; Rose Locklear (Oregon); and John Packham, Troy Jorgensen, &amp; Chris Marchand (Nevada). The representatives from Hawaii and Nevada discuss their State Flex Program’s efforts to launch and sustain a Project ECHO initiative within their respective states, including best practices and lessons learned. Project ECHO aims to train primary care clinicians to provide specialty care services in rural areas. The representatives from Oregon discuss their efforts to conduct targeted assessments of the telehealth and technology needs of CAHs in rural Oregon.</p>

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