State Flex Program EMS/Trauma Activities and Integration of CAHs into Trauma Systems (Policy Brief #17)


This project gathered qualitative and quantitative data to provide an updated portrait of EMS and trauma-related activities in 45 states, with particular focus on designation of CAHs as trauma centers.

Key Findings:

  • Almost two-thirds (62%) of all Flex grantees included at least one trauma-related activity in their 2008-2009 State Flex grant work plans.
  • Trauma team training was the most frequently-funded work plan activity.
  • More than one-third of all Critical Access Hospitals have been designated as trauma centers.
  • To successfully integrate CAHs into state trauma care systems, it is vital to educate state agencies, Level I and II trauma centers, and other EMS and trauma stakeholders about the potential roles of CAHs and other small rural hospitals.


EMS (Emergency Medical Services) Quality