CAHMPAS Financial Data Revisions


Since 2015, approved users have been able to explore financial performance data for critical access hospitals (CAHs) using the Critical Access Hospital Measurement and Performance Assessment System (CAHMPAS). CAHMPAS is a free tool developed by the Flex Monitoring Team (FMT). It has three portals that allows CAH executives, State Flex Coordinators, and Federal staff to analyze and compare CAH performance on financial, quality, and community-benefit measures. This information brief summaries recent updates to the financial portal in CAHMPAS.

First, we have added five new indicators:
1. Medicaid Payer Mix,
2. 1-Year Change in Operating Expenses,
3. 3-Year Change in Operating Expenses,
4. 1-Year Change in Operating Revenue, and
5. 3-Year Change in Operating Revenue

Second, we revised the Medicare acute inpatient cost per patient day to reduce missing data. Third, we reorganized the presentation of the financial indicator options into three categories (financial performance, service lines, and operations). And finally, we calculated two-year percentiles for all indicators.