Evaluation of the Flex Program

Project Lead:
Andrew Coburn
Contact Person:
Completed Project

The purposes of this project were: 1) to generate State Flex Program monitoring data that states would be submitting under the new program guidance; 2) to identify the characteristics of “high-performing” State Flex Programs that could form the basis for measuring program performance.

The Flex Monitoring Team's (FMT) focus has been on developing and managing data collection and analysis systems that generate CAH performance measures used to both monitor and evaluate State Flex Program performance. The FMT developed infrastructure needs to be established for capturing and analyzing new data that states will be reporting, prepared a summary and assessment of approved state “innovative” projects, identified potential common performance measures across the projects, developed an approach to collecting data on the proposed EMS measures for those states with EMS projects, and conducted an evaluation of “high performing” State Flex Programs to identify factors contributing to performance.