Pink Offers Guidance for CAH Policy Changes

<p>Dec 13, 2013 -- NRHA Today article tells of a series of three briefs, authored by 2013 NRHA Outstanding Researcher award winner <a href="; target="_blank">George Pink, Ph.D</a>., that provide information for policymakers and stakeholders as policy changes for critical access hospitals (CAHs) are considered relating to potential increases in beneficiary travel distance if financially-vulnerable CAHs close; the projected financial impact that a reduction in Medicare payments might have on CAHs; and on the rural-urban differences in inpatient costs and use among Medicare beneficiaries.</p>
<p>To view the briefs, visit the Rural Health Research Gateway at: <a href=""&gt;</a></p&gt;
<p>(<a href="">via RAC News</a>)</p>

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