Developing Indicators to Document the Community Impact of CAHs (Policy Brief #7)

Publication Date: May 2008
Author(s): Gale J, Lenardson J, Coburn AF, Race M
Research Center(s): Maine
Project: Measuring Community Impact and Benefit of Critical Access Hospitals
Topic(s): Community Benefit, Flex Program, Population Health
Notes: Policy Brief #7

This brief documents the results of an effort to develop a set of rural-relevant community impact and benefit indicators for Critical Access Hospitals (CAHs), aiming to quantify the ways in which they impact and benefit their communities to:

  • document the community impact activities underway in CAHs;
  • monitor the progress of CAHs in addressing community needs;
  • provide the Federal Office of Rural Health Policy (ORHP) with community performance indicators to document the Medicare Rural Hospital Flexibility Program’s performance for its reporting requirements; and
  • provide tools for CAHs to strategically manage, monitor, and report their community impact activities.