The Community Benefit and Impact of CAHs: the Results of the 2007 CAH Survey (Policy Brief #6)

Publication Date: Mar 2008
Author(s): Loux S, Coburn AF, Gale J, Lenardson J
Research Center(s): Maine
Project: Measuring Community Impact and Benefit of Critical Access Hospitals
Topic(s): Community Benefit, Flex Program, Population Health
Notes: Policy Brief #6

In 2007, the Flex Monitoring Team conducted a national telephone survey of 381 CAH administrators covering a wide variety of questions concerning hospitals’ community benefit and impact activities. This Briefing Paper reports on the community benefit and impact findings of this survey.

Key Findings:

  • Most CAHs offer financial assistance to patients.
  • CAHs are engaged in activities that demonstrate their commitment to community and rural health system needs.
  • Many CAHs have relationships with community organizations including hospitals, primary care providers, emergency medical services, and schools.