Evidence-Based Acute Myocardial Infarction (AMI) Quality Improvement Programs/Strategies for CAHs (Policy Brief #28)

Publication Date: Aug 2012
Author(s): Prasad S, Klingner J, Casey MM, Gregg W, Moscovice IS
Research Center(s): Minnesota
Project: Evidence-Based Programs and Strategies for Improving the Quality of Care for Critical Access Hospital Patients
Topic(s): MBQIP, Quality
Notes: Policy Brief #28

This policy brief focuses on evidence-based AMI Quality Improvement (QI) programs and strategies that are applicable to CAHs, particularly with respect to MBQIP Phase 2 Measures.

Key Findings:

  • Few reports in peer-reviewed literature evaluate the effectiveness of QI programs for AMI specifically for Critical Access Hospitals (CAHs).
  • QI programs to improve hospitals’ AMI care in the literature primarily focus on: 1) improving the processes of care and creating standardized pathways of care in AMI in individual hospitals and 2) creating larger networks for delivery of AMI care.
  • Several QI strategies have been shown to improve AMI care and are potentially replicable in CAHs.