Exploring State Data Sources to Monitor Rural Emergency Medical Services Performance Improvement

Publication Date: Mar 2020
Author(s): Gale J, Pearson KB
Research Center(s): Maine
Project: Data Sources for Monitoring and Supporting Rural EMS
Topic(s): EMS

  • An expert panel validated the use of the Flex Monitoring Team’s (FMT’s) rural-relevant Emergency Medical Services (EMS) measures to monitor and improve rural EMS capacity with minor revisions to clarify and expand the measures set.
  • States EMS agencies collect EMS service licensure, personnel licensure/certification, and patient care/run data that can be used by State Flex Programs (SFPs) to monitor and improve rural systems of care.
  • The use of state EMS service licensure systems to monitor and improve rural EMS capacity could be enhanced by identifying a minimum set of rural-relevant licensure data elements and encouraging state EMS agencies to incorporate these elements into their initial and renewal licensure applications.
  • SFPs would benefit from education and technical assistance on the use of existing state EMS data to support their EMS activities.
  • Measurement areas identified for future development include EMS financial performance and the sustainability of rural EMS services.