CAH Financial Indicators Primer and Calculator Resources

Publication Date: Apr 2020
Author(s): CAH Financial Indicators Team
Research Center(s): North Carolina
Project: Analyzing Financial and Operational Performance of CAHs
Topic(s): Finance

The Flex Monitoring Team makes financial indicator data available to every Critical Access Hospital in the United States on an annual basis. These data include financial statement and operating indicator analyses to create numbers for hospitals that have easily interpretable financial significance and allow CAHs to compare their financial performance to peer facilities.

The “primer” documents linked below introduce the financial indicators, explain how each measure is calculated, and offer insights regarding the roles they play in assessing a hospital’s financial health.

The template is an editable PowerPoint file designed to facilitate CAHs presenting their financial indicator data to others. Download & enter your hospital’s data.

The spreadsheet is a calculator which enables hospitals to verify our calculations and also calculate more recent financial indicators using data on hand.

Descriptor Date File
How State Flex Coordinators Can Use CAHMPAS Data: A Primer Apr 2020 Download
How Hospitals Can Use CAHMPAS Data: A Primer Apr 2020 Download
Template for Presentation of Financial Indicator Data Apr 2020 Download
Spreadsheet: Financial Data Report Calculator (Excel Document) Apr 2020 Download