CAH Financial Indicators Report: Summary of 2018 Indicator Medians by State (Data Summary Report #31)

Publication Date: Apr 2020
Author(s): CAH Financial Indicators Team
Research Center(s): North Carolina
Project: Analyzing Financial and Operational Performance of CAHs
Topic(s): Finance

All hospitals, regardless of size and organizational structure, benefit from comparative data on financial condition and performance. The unique reimbursement and organizational structure of CAHs make it important to have financial indicators that capture their own circumstances for performance assessment. The Flex Monitoring Team designed indicators specifically to capture the financial performance of Critical Access Hospitals.  Every CAH in the United States has access to the Flex Monitoring Team’s online data query tool, CAHMPAS, which allows CAHs to compare their financial performance to custom groups of peer facilities.

This data summary report presents state and national median values of the financial indicators included on the CAHMPAS tool, using Medicare cost report data from 2018.

Prior years’ financial medians summary reports, dating back to 2005, are included here

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