Promoting a Culture of Safety: Use of the Hospital Survey on Patient Safety Culture in CAHs (Briefing Paper #30)

Publication Date: Apr 2012
Author(s): Croll ZT, Coburn AF, Pearson KB
Research Center(s): Maine
Project: Strategies for Improving the Safety of Care Delivered by Critical Access Hospitals
Topic(s): Flex Program, Patient Safety, Quality

The Institute of Medicine has emphasized the importance of establishing a culture of safety to improve patient care, specifically: developing clear, highly visible patient safety programs that focus organizational attention on safety; using non-punitive systems for reporting and analyzing errors; incorporating well-established safety principles such as standardized and simplified equipment, supplies, and work processes; and establishing proven interdisciplinary team training programs for providers. We sought to investigate the degree to which these elements are present or absent in Critical Access Hospitals.  

This report presents the results of a literature review and a rural patient safety expert panel comprised of representatives from federal and state government and academia.  There is an associated policy brief which summarizes these same findings