MBQIP Quality Measure Trends, 2011-2016 (FMT Data Summary Report #20)


This report examines the trends in quality measures included in the Medicare Beneficiary Quality Improvement Project (MBQIP). The analysis compares quarterly performance rates and trends in benchmark performance at the national and regional levels for 37 MBQIP quality measures. 

Key Findings

  • The number of CAHs reporting MBQIP measures increased significantly from 2011 to 2016. Therefore, the performance trends in this report may reflect both changes in which CAHs are reporting data and changes in performance for CAHs that previously reported the measures.
  • Overall, CAH performance nationally has significantly improved on the HCAHPS and EDTC measures. Performance on the inpatient and outpatient measures was mixed. Outpatient surgical improvement and inpatient heart failure measures showed significant improvement, while other outpatient measures and inpatient pneumonia showed no significant changes.
  • The percent of CAHs nationally performing at the benchmark rate varies considerably by measure.
  • Regional trends in performance do not show a clear pattern. A region with the best performance on a measure may not show significant improvement because their performance is at a constant high level.


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