CAH-Relevant Measures for Health System Development & Population Health (Policy Brief #42)


This policy brief describes the development of the health systems development and population health performance measures that will be included in the Flex Monitoring Team's forthcoming integrated performance reporting system. In addition to reviewing the individual measures that comprise the measures set, we discuss how the measures can help stakeholders benchmark and improve performance by targeting technical assistance and support to CAHs and rural communities. We enlisted the advice of a national panel of community benefit, community health improvement, population health, and rural health experts to assist with the development of a set of health systems development and population health measures relevant to the CAH and rural community context. The resulting measures set -- detailed in the policy brief -- contains three subcategories of measures, each with a different focus and intended use: (1) charity care and bad debt; (2) community health improvement, essential community health services, and community benefit; and (3) community health needs and issues.


Community Impact Health Systems Population Health