Project Details

Improving Patient Safety: Use of Transfer Protocols to Improve Care Transitions from Nursing Facilities to CAHs

Research Center(s): Maine
Principal Investigator: Andrew Coburn
Contact Person: Andrew Coburn

This project will (1) identify evidence-based transfer protocols and other approaches/tools for effecting safe care transitions between community nursing facilities (NF) and CAHs focusing specifically on transitions through the emergency department (ED); (2) identify and assess strategies that Flex Programs, CAHs, and CAHs quality collaboratives are using to implement NF to hospital transfer tools and protocols; (3) recommend best practice tools and strategies; and (4) identify potential performance measures related to NF-CAH transfers. 

This project will review the peer-reviewed literature, reports and studies to identify evidence-based tools and protocols relevant for use by CAHs, other rural hospitals and their NF and EMS partners. In addition, we will conduct in-depth interviews with stakeholders from two to four of State Flex Program that have undertaken initiatives in these areas.

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