Project Details

Development of Hospital-Specific Reports and State Reports that Incorporate Quality, Finance, and Market/Community Measures for CAHs

Research Center(s): Maine, North Carolina, Minnesota
Principal Investigator: Mark Holmes
Contact Person: Mark Holmes

Building on the ten-year history of the CAH Financial Indicator Report, the Flex Monitoring Team is moving toward reports of individual hospital performance across multiple dimensions including finance, quality, and community benefit.  This project will culminate in the development of a single, integrated report for each CAH which will include the addition of specific market share and market characteristics data (for example, population age 65+ in a CAH’s market area, average unemployment rate, average per-capita income, average distance from place of residence to CAH) for strategic planning purposes.  By understanding the market and which ZIP Codes have populations more likely to bypass a CAH, administrators and State Flex Coordinators can better identify opportunities to allocate resources and improve CAH financial and operational performance.   

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