Title Date Presenter(s)
FMT Innovative Projects — Population Health (Archived Webinar) Apr 2018 Gale J, Kahn-Troster S
FMT Innovative Projects – Care Coordination (Archived Webinar) Dec 2017 Coburn AF, Kahn-Troster S
FMT Innovative Projects – Telehealth (Archived Webinar) Dec 2017 Gale J, Kahn-Troster S, Coburn AF
Quality Peer Groups for CAHs: FMT Work in Progress Jul 2016 Casey MM
Rural Hospital Closures and Financial Distress Jun 2015 Pink GH
Value Proposition for Total Population Health Jun 2015 Gale J
MBQIP Activities 2015-17: Relevant Data and Resources Jun 2015 Casey MM, Moscovice IS
Rural Hospital Strategies for Population Health Improvement Jun 2015 Coburn AF, Gale J
Rural Hospital Partnerships for Health Improvement May 2015 Coburn AF
The Financial Performance of CAHs in North Dakota Jun 2014 Pink GH
Using MBQIP Data for Quality Improvement Jul 2013 Casey MM
The Impact of Community Health Needs Assessments Jul 2013 Gale J
Integrating EMS into Rural Systems of Care Jul 2013 Gale J
Improving CAH Performance on the ED AMI/Chest Pain and Outpatient Surgical Quality Measures Jul 2013 Casey MM
Using the Flex Monitoring Team Financial Indicators Report and Other Financial Resources Jul 2013 Pink GH
Evidence for Community Paramedicine in Rural Communities May 2013 Pearson KB
Obligations and Opportunities for Community Activities Under Health Reform May 2013 Gale J
Financial Performance of Rural Hospitals and Implications for Elimination of the CAH Program May 2013 Pink GH
Rural Health Quality, Where Art Thou? May 2013 Moscovice IS
Health System Development Resources Oct 2012 Gale J
After the Needs Assessment: CAH Community Benefit Strategies Sep 2012 Gale J
Complying with IRS Requirements: Community Health Needs Assessment Sep 2012 Gale J
CAH Financial Indicator Reports Apr 2012 Pink GH
Supporting Regional STEMI Systems of Care Apr 2012 Gale J
Changes in Obstetrical Services Among CAHs Apr 2012 Holmes GM
Linking Community Assessment and Community Benefit Strategies Apr 2012 Gale J
Using Logic Models for State Flex Programs Mar 2012 Gale J, Slifkin RT, Poley S
Improving CAH Financial and Operational Improvement Mar 2012 Pink GH
The Flex Monitoring Team Oct 2011 Pink GH
Implementing the ACA: Rural Opportunities and Challenges Jul 2011 Coburn AF
Improving Financial Performance of CAHs Jul 2011 Holmes GM
CAH Quality Measurement and Evidence-Based Quality Improvement Jul 2011 Moscovice IS
CAHs, Quality Measurement, and MBQIP May 2011 Moscovice IS
Provision of Long Term Care Services by CAHs: Are Things Changing? May 2011 Croll ZT
Practical Community Health Needs Assessment and Engagement Strategies May 2011 Gale J
Financial Performance of CAHs in Indiana Nov 2010 Pink GH, Holmes GM, Howard HA
The Essential Community Role of Rural Hospitals Nov 2010 Gale J
Financial and Operational Improvement: Trends in CAH Finance Jul 2010 Holmes GM
Health Care Reform and Rural Health Quality Jul 2010 Moscovice IS
Understanding the Community Benefit Activities of CAHs May 2010 Gale J
Models for Quality Improvement in CAHs: Role of the Flex Programs May 2010 Coburn AF
Managing Community Benefits in Turbulent Times Oct 2009 Gale J
CAH Finances in Turbulent Times Oct 2009 Gale J, Holmes GM
Health Care Reform, Quality, and CAHs Oct 2009 Casey MM
The Flex Program at 10 Years: Community Impact Lessons and Future Directions May 2008 Coburn AF, Gale J
The Flex Program at 10 Years: The Financial Experience of Small Rural Hospitals May 2008 Pink GH, Slifkin RT
The Flex Program at 10 Years: Quality Improvement and Measurement Lessons Learned and Future Directions May 2008 Moscovice IS
How Do CAHs Benefit Their Communities? A View from the National Level Mar 2008 Gale J
Evaluation Planning for the Flex Grant Program Jun 2007 Gale J
Community Impact of CAHs May 2007 Gale J, Lenardson J
Quality Performance Measurement and Use of Health Information Technology in CAHs Aug 2006 Casey MM
A Tool for Measuring Quality in Small Rural Hospitals May 2005 Moscovice IS
Performance Improvement Tools for State Flex Programs May 2005 Coburn AF
CAH Financial Indicators Report May 2005 Pink GH
Financial Performance Measures of CAHs Jun 2004 Pink GH
Capital Funding for CAHs May 2004 Gregg W
Overview of Flex Monitoring Project Dec 2003 Gregg W