FMT Innovative Projects — Population Health (Archived Webinar)

Date: Apr 2018
Event: Webinar
Presenter(s): Gale J, Kahn-Troster S
Research Center(s): Maine
Project: Evaluation of State Flex Program Impact and Performance: Innovative Projects and PIMS Data
Topic(s): Evaluation, Flex Program, Population Health

This is a recording of a webinar which took place on March 12, 2018. It was produced by FMT research staff at the University of Southern Maine as part of their project to evaluate the Flex Program’s Area Five, Integration of Innovative Health Models, which focuses on rural health system innovations to address needs not covered by the other core areas of the grant program.

This webinar focuses on on the Flex Program’s Population Health Initiatives, featuring presenters from four states: Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, and Minnesota.  Presentations focused on their programs’ goals, intended outcomes, and the factors contributing to success; challenges encountered; accomplishments; and impact measurement strategies.

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