Expert Workgroup

Our expert workgroup helps us identify important Flex Program issues, aids in the development of special research projects, provides feedback on our products, and assists with dissemination strategies.

The members of the group include state and national policy and program experts; representatives of State Offices of Rural Health, hospital associations, and CAHs; and leaders in the fields of quality and performance improvement, health finance, and EMS.

Current members are:

Tommy Barnhart

  • President, Ten Mile Enterprises LLC

Lisa Davis, MHA

  • Director, Pennsylvania Office of Rural Health

Terry Hill, MPA

  • Executive Director, National Rural Health Resource Center

Thomas Martin, MBA, MSHA

  • Administrator, Lincoln Hospital

David Palm, PhD

  • Administrator, Office of Community Health Development, Nebraska Division of Public Health

Cathleen Pfaff, RN

  • Senior Vice President of Clinical Services, Cypress Healthcare, LLC

Deborah Y. Rasper, MHA, FACHE

  • Administrator, St. Vincent Mercy Hospital

Patricia Schou, BSN, MS, FACHE

  • Executive Director, Illinois Critical Access Hospital Network

Brock Slabach, MPH, FACHE

  • Senior Vice-President of Member Services, National Rural Health Association

Jeff Spade, MHA, FACHE

  • Executive Director, North Carolina Center for Rural Health Innovation and Performance

John Supplitt, MPA

  • Director, American Hospital Association Section for Small or Rural Hospitals

Louis Wenzlow, BA, CHIME

  • Director of Health Information Technology, Rural Wisconsin Health Cooperative (RWHC)

Gary Wingrove

  • Director of Government Relations and Strategic Affairs, Mayo Clinic Medical Transport